12 Days of Christmas #9

treat him/her to a seminar or lessons. check your local paper for offerings. a lot of cities have craft and/or art guilds that hold regular classes. there are even some craft stores that do pretty good classes.

some suggestions that will help people who make paper crafts:

  • calligraphy/penmanship: having good penmanship can only make things better.

  • book binding: personal wish of mine. i'd make books all the time.

  • scrapbooking/card making: even though some of this can be cheesy, it's a good way to get a sense of how to do a simple layout.

  • photography: the use of your own photography can really personalize a project. it's important to learn about composition, lighting, etc.

  • art: sometimes a basic 101 type class is a good way to learn about color schemes and simple techniques

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Amy said...

rach and i were at AC moore yesterday perusing the stamps and card making/scrap booking supplies. i'd love to make the cards like they have on display, but i have no clue how that would even work!