beautiful papers is moving!

I've been blogging for a while now, and there are bits and pieces of my thoughts and ideas strewn all over cyberspace. I've decided to put everything in one spot. It's part of my "De-clutterization 2008 Campaign." I know there are a lot of people who subscribe to the private blog plus "professional" blog system, and I was one of them, but I just can't keep it all up as effectively as I want to.

So, please add my new all-in-one super blog to your reading list, as I will not be adding to this one anymore:
symphony of chaos


merry christmas, all

i realize i'm still not good at blogging, so i think i'll just be honest. i probably won't post again until january, because we're going out of town for a bit.

the good news is, my new camera is being shipped to dave's parents' house, so i'll be able to update my portfolio and take photos again!

enjoy the holidays!



12 Days of Christmas #11

a beautiful journal and really great pens/pencils.

i know there are some people who hate having journals around, but i think it's a lost art. and, really, you can always use them as notebooks:



12 Days of Christmas #9

treat him/her to a seminar or lessons. check your local paper for offerings. a lot of cities have craft and/or art guilds that hold regular classes. there are even some craft stores that do pretty good classes.

some suggestions that will help people who make paper crafts:

  • calligraphy/penmanship: having good penmanship can only make things better.

  • book binding: personal wish of mine. i'd make books all the time.

  • scrapbooking/card making: even though some of this can be cheesy, it's a good way to get a sense of how to do a simple layout.

  • photography: the use of your own photography can really personalize a project. it's important to learn about composition, lighting, etc.

  • art: sometimes a basic 101 type class is a good way to learn about color schemes and simple techniques

12 Days of Christmas #8

paper tools from martha. things like a bone folder, rulers, cutting tools, adhesives, etc: